Emmy Rossum : Carol of the Bells

Emmy Rossum (star of Phantom of the Opera musical film) version of ‘Carol of the Bells’, released on her christmas 2007 ep.

Carol of the Bells by George Winston

The american pianist George Winston composed a beautiful arrangement of Carol of the Bells on his 1982 album ‘December’ CD album available here

(A single mp3 of his recording of Carol Of The Bells Mp3 could also be downloaded here for 69p)

You can listen to George Winston’s Carol of the Bells (including Prelude) below :

The sheet music for George Winston’s arrangement of Carol of the Bells is available here :

George Winston Carol of the Bells Piano Sheet Music
Although other transcriptions exist the above piano sheet music songbook which includes George Winston’s Carol of the Bells and prelude is the only authorised edition and he has personally verified every note to be an exact transcription of the recordings.

Trans Siberian Orchestra Carol Of the Bells

(Live performance with flashing lights)

Click Here to purchase Trans Siberian Double CD Album (including their Carol of the Bells Arrangement : Christmas Eve / Sarajevo 12/24 )

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